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Meaningful Opportunities Reaching Everyone

We are excited to share that we are a 501c3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION!  We are seeking donations to help our mission to offer differently-abled adults meaningful opportunities within their community.  Your donation is tax deductible and will help ensure that the passion we have will be around for years!

Our Story ......

Maggie's & MORE on Channel 3

Watch how Channel 3 captured a day of Dee's life and the positive impact Maggie's & MORE has had on it.


Maggie's & MORE's mission is to empower and validate differently-abled individuals by offering meaningful opportunities within their community. 

Abra Schweickert, Founder

Our inspiration >


My students were a square peg being asked to fit into a round hole. My job [as a teacher] was not to change that square peg, but rather to mold that round hole so they could fit into it with success. This is the foundation behind Maggie's & MORE.

Why We're Great >

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We're great because of our Donut Team members! At Maggie's & MORE, differently-abled people have the opportunity to be at the center of our Donut Cafe and Soap Workshop where their true abilities and capabilities are seen within their community.



Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - Friday 6am-2pm

Saturday - Sunday 7am-2pm


6821 Wakefield Road

Hiram, Ohio  44234




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Success Stories

Meet Polly, a member of our Donut Team who gained the skills at Maggie's &  MORE and is now using them to work as a cashier at a local restaurant.  After Polly began working outside of Maggie's & MORE she shared. "Thanks to you for letting me do the register at the donut shop I can now do it at McDonald's.  I appreciate you helping me.  I used the skills that I learned there to get in the community."

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Our Story

Special Events

Our Team

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Logo Stop

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Support our Mission

These smiling faces would not be possible without the generosity of our community members. From monetary donations to gifts in kind, all help us to bring skills and opportunities to the individuals you see throughout our website. To learn more about SPONSORSHIP opportunities, please contact us. To DONATE to our mission, click on the donate button. Thank you for helping us continue to bring meaningful opportunities to our team members!

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