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Meaningful Opportunities Reaching Everyone

We are excited to share that we are a 501c3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION!  We are seeking donations to help our mission to offer differently-abled adults meaningful opportunities within their community.  Your donation is tax deductivle and will help ensure that the passion we have will be around for years!


Maggie's & MORE's mission is to empower and validate differently-abled individuals by offering meaningful opportunities within their community. 

Abra Schweickert, Founder

Our inspiration >


My students were a square peg being asked to fit into a round hole. My job [as a teacher] was not to change that square peg, but rather to mold that round hole so they could fit into it with success. This is the foundation behind Maggie's & MORE.

Why We're Great >

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We're great because of our Donut Team members! At Maggie's & MORE, differently-abled people have the opportunity to be at the center of running a business where their true abilities and capabilities are seen within their community.



Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - Friday 6am-2pm

Saturday - Sunday 7am-2pm


6821 Wakefield Road

Hiram, Ohio  44234




Our Story

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Special Events

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Our Team

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