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Breakfast Sandwich        $5.00
       English muffin or bagel
plain or everything bagel
            gluten free bread

       Sausage, bacon or ham
       Choice of cheese
       Choice of veges

Katherine and panini.jpg

Panini Sandwich             $6.00
     Gluten free bread available on request

Panini Lunch Combo        $7.00
    Panini, chips, pickle

Soup                             $4.00

Soup and Panini Combo   $8.00

Bagel                        $2.50
Asiago, Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Everything, Plain,
Gluten Free Plain, Gluten Free Everything
      Cream Cheese     $.75 
         Butter                 $.75
         Jelly                   $.75
         Peanut Butter       $.75

Mitchell and bagels.jpg

We proudly serve Baker's Golden Dairy Ice Cream
Scoop of Ice Cream    I         $3.00

Affogato                             $4.00
     Chocolate or vanilla ice cream with shot of espresso
Donut Sandwich                   $4.00
hoose your favorite donut to put ice cream in between
Donut Boat                          $5.00
         Create a sundae with your choice of a donut, ice cream, and toppings
Cow Pattie (Klondik bar)          $2.50 
Ice Cream Sandwich              $2.50         

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