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Meet Megan!  Megan is one of our most enthusiastic Donut Team members.  Megan is part of our Wednesday and Thursday morning Donut Teams.  Megan will communicate with you through her computerized device and can always be counted on to greet a customer when he/she comes in!



Meet Quinn!  Quinn is the newest member of our 

Alexa and donuts.jpg

Meet Alexa!  Alexa is our early riser!  She is part of our opening Donut Teams on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Alexa is gluten free and would recommend the Hollywood Square bakery treat to anyone else who is gluten free.  They are made of two of her favorite things, peanut butter and chocolate. Alexa loves the Cleveland Monsters and would love to tell you about her favorite player when you stop in!

Mitchell and bagels.jpg

Meet Mitchell, aka Tortise!  Mitchell is part of the Sunday Donut Team and keeps us laughing when he works. Mitchell loves working the register and sharing a magic dime with the customers he rings out. Mitchell would recommend to you an apple fritter, not because they are the best from all around, but because they are the biggest donuts.  


Meet Jen!  Jen is part of our Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday Donut Teams and is known as our worker bee.  Jen never sits still and is always looking for the next thing to do when she is working.  Jen loves everything from packing the donuts to cleaning the windows.  You will be greeted by Jen's infectious smile and giggly personality when you visit the shop.

kelly fritter.jpg

Meet Kelly!  Kelly holds the title of being the very first employee when Maggie's & MORE opened its' doors.  Kelly is part of our Tuesday and Sunday Donut Teams.  She would recommend a chocolate cream stick to you, her favorite donut at Maggie's & MORE.  Kelly has a passion for our officers in blue!  She has one of the largest collections of toy police cars!  When you stop in, I am sure she will have one in her pocket to show you! 







Meet Margaret!  Margaret and her fun personality are part of our Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon Donut Teams. Margaret is our cash register ace on her shifts.  She loves talking to the customers and finding out what you are going to have for dinner.  When you visit the shop on a Margaret day don't be surprised if you are asked!  She loves to "tease" you and tell you she is having a tire or shoelace :).

Katherine and panini.jpg




Meet Kayla!  Kayla is one of our chattiest employees who loves to talk with the customers and share things.  She is also our leader who helps our new employees learn the parts of being a Maggie's & MORE Donut Team member.  Kayla is part of our Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning Donut Teams.  She loves YouTube and would love to share with you her favorite YouTubers when you come in.

Meet Tyler!  Tyler is our opener on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.  Tyler comes to Maggie's & MORE with a lot of enthusiasm and bubbly personality.  Call to place an order on a morning Tyler is working and you will be answered with his own original greeting on the phone, "Thank you for calling Maggie's & MORE where our donuts are the roundest".


Meet Laura!  Laura is part of our opening Donut Team on Saturday morning.  Laura comes ot us from Chagrin Falls where she recently finished high school.  Laura loves to greet the customers and serve the donuts.  Don't be suprised if she asks you if you have a speed boat or a guitar when you come in.  They are two of her favorite things.



Meet Nate!  Nate is an early riser who is part of our opening shift on Wednesday morning.  Nate makes a mean breakfast sandwich and is currently perfecting the Espresso machine.  Nate is finishing high school this year and thinking of what to do next.  He loves computers, video games, and riding roller coasters.

Meet Katherine!  Katherine loves being part of our Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Donut Teams.  Kathleen loves to make the panini sandwiches and won't disappoint you should you come in and order one.  Katherine had previously worked at McDonald's, but finds Maggie's & MORE to be the perfect spot for her.



Meet Eve  Eve joins us on our Sunday morning shifts.  Eve comes to work ready to help with anything needed.  She greets every customer with a smile and eagerness to help. Eve is a sophmore in high school. She joined us during the summer for some job experience and liked it so much she has stayed with us!


Meet Marin!  Marin is part of our Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon Donut Teams.  She comes to work with a never ending smile and a fun giggle.  Marin is amazing on how fast she has learned all the jobs at Maggie's & MORE. She makes sure that our inventory is stocked and ready for you!



Polly donut.jpg


Meet Polly, another one of our early risers!  Polly is on our opening Donut Teamster on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!  Polly comes to us having tried many other jobs and will tell you this is her favorite spot to be.  Polly is an animal lover and loves to share about her cats, bunny, and dog.  She is always ready to share something while she is waiting on a customer. 


Meet Dee!  Dee comes to work with the biggest smile.  She is part of our Saturday and Sunday afternoon Donut Teams.  Dee loves running the register and is sure to tell you "Have Fun" as you are leaving the store.  Dee is a huge fan of Jordan Smith, so don't be surprised if you hear him singing when she is working.   When Dee is not a work, she loves texting on her cellphone with her friends.

Eric and donuts.jpg


Meet Eric!  Eric is part of our Tuesday and Wednesday morning Donut Teams as well as our Friday afternoon team.  Eric comes to us with a love of working in a bakery shop.  Eric is a sports enthusiast and loves the Cleveland Browns.  He would love to share with you about them when you are in.



Meet Rachel!  Rachel originally came to us for some job experience as she was finishing her high school experience.  She has now become a staple on our Sunday morning Donut Team.  Rachel is a Scooby-do fan and loves the color purple.  She comes to work with excitement to serve each of our customers.  Your donuts will be packed with great enthusiasm when Rachel is working!


Meet Robin!  Robin joins her twin sister Rachel as part of our Sunday morning Donut Team.  Like Rachel, Robin originally came to us for some additional job experience as she was ending her high school ending.  Robin is a Spiderman fan and loves the color blue!  She is one of our most enthusiast workers and has grown each week in all aspects of Maggie's & MORE!

Our Job Coaches

Our Job Coaches are a valuable part of the Maggie's & MORE Donut Teams.  The role of a Job Coach is to support our employees in anyway needed for the employee's success on the job.  We are blessed to partner with Hiram College to bring in Hiram College students as our Job Coaches.  These students have an interest in working with Special Needs individuals in their future and are part of an internship program that the college offers.

Our Managers

Our Managers help create the atmosphere you experience when you walk into Maggie's & MORE.  They ensure that the mission of our business is intact as they support our Job Coaches in their learning process and the employees in their successes.  

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